Kiddylicious Bulk Packs

Kiddylicious Bulk Packs

Kiddylicious was built on the firm belief that great taste is the key to developing a positive attitude to food in later life. So, we work hard to develop yummy, nutritious options that are specially created for weaning babies, tiny tummies and growing children.

When it comes to little ones we know that every family and every day is different. There are silly days, surprising days, messy days and milestone days – and every different kind of day in between. We can’t predict the unpredictable, but we can try to make things each day easier.

So, we’re right there with you, offering yummy products that work when you need them; sharing hard-earned wisdom from families; and offering expertise from a range of brilliant minds.

Kiddylicious Snack Box

Kiddylicious Snack Box

A Snack A Day!

We’ve put together, with the help of Kiddylicious, the most fantastic and delicious monthly Snack Box! Are you already a part of Charley’s Circle of Friends? Box or Book Subscriber? YOU get FREE DELIVERY!

Our Snack Boxes include:

  • Apple Fruit Wriggles x 1
  • Strawberry Wriggles x 1
  • Banana Coconut Rolls x 8
  • Coconut Rolls x 8
  • Cheese Straws x 1
  • Veggie Straws x 1
  • Sour Cream & Chive Straws x 1
  • Cripsie Tiddlers Raspeberry x 1
  • Crispie Tiddlers Banana x 1

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