Gardening Boxes

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Team CB thought long and hard about creating a BOX that is engaging, while encouraging a child’s self-expression and natural curiosity. And what better way to do all of these things than gardening? Whether you are simply planting seeds in a flower pot, tending to a large outdoor garden or something in between like caring for a terrarium, gardening with kids has many benefits.

We proudly bring you, Charley’s Gardening Box and through this box we hope to show you how Gardening benefits your child:

  • Gardening engages all of the senses
  • Gardening encourages healthy eating
  • Gardening enhances fine motor development
  • Gardening introduces kids to scientific concepts
  • Gardening fosters family bonding
  • Gardening teaches responsibility
  • Gardening helps learn to plan and organize
  • Gardening creates environmental stewards
  • Gardening develops math skills
  • Gardening teaching patience

Together with Reel Gardening, we’re proud to bring you and your little ones MONTHLY GARDENING BOXES!

Having created fun, exciting and age appropriate reading material in each box, we make sure that your green fingered child will grow to LOVE the outdoors and take pride in their new found, life long hobby.

The boxes are filled with items in order to maximise fun and learning.

Select the plan that suits you best : 3/6/12 month subscription!

Charley chooses to give you free delivery on every box! Each beautifully packaged box starts from R249 per month and includes delivery!

Boxes ship around the 25th of every month. Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery.All subs are set to auto-renew. You are welcome to cancel at any time with one months notice, but we assure you, you wont want to! All renewals will be run on the 1st of every month.

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