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Animal Door-Stopper

Cute animal designs that are so easy to use. Stops toddlers trapping fingers in doors and prevents slamming of doors when your baby is sleeping. #neverwakeasleepingbaby


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Children Safety doorstoppers is best solution to keep children’s tiny hands and fingers safe. This is one of the most practical child proofing accessories that Parents of active little babies must have. It gives each family peace of mind to let their children enjoy indoor playtime. The six styles comes with cute and colourful animal designs made of high quality cushion material. There is no need to permanently attach any accessory on the door as this can fit right into most doors. Most parents would find this nifty soft accessory as a safe way to leave doors ajar so that they can easily hear or take a peek of their children while they are playing in their room. It comes handy when letting the breeze come in for better ventilation during playtime or simply when it is hot during the day.


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