Charley’s Subscription Box 12 – 24 months

R419.00 / month

Your baby has been promoted to toddler! Your little busy bee is interacting with the world and learning new things every day. At this stage, your baby is playing games, understanding instructions, walking around (Oh my Gosh) and even beginning to talk! In this box we provide items to encourage play, walking and talking. We push towards the developmental areas of object manipulation, orientation skills, visual sensory stimulation, sustained attention, socialization and memory development.

Our system is super smart and moves your child through the age categories as he or she ages. You will not be stuck in one age category for the entire subscription.

*A typical Charley’s Box contains 4-5 products as per the example image. These are some products you may expect through the period of the age category of your subscription. Our stock changes all the time and we ensure each month to give you a variety of items.


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Each one of Charley’s Boxes is handpicked for maximizing our three pillars: Education, Development, and Fashion. We have searched the globe for the best, safest, and unique products for Charley’s friends to enjoy. From birth to 24 months we have you covered with necessities and baby must-haves. By dividing our boxes into four different categories (0-3/3-6/6-12/12-24) we make sure that your baby will enjoy each item that is appropriate for parents and baby. Each box is carefully packed with your baby in mind and heart. The boxes are filled with age and gender-specific products in order to maximise fun, learning and style.

Charley chooses to give you free delivery on every box! Each beautifully packaged box for R399 per month with the contents exceeding R500 including delivery!

Boxes ship around the 25th of every month but you can order up until the last weekday of the month. Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery. All subs are set to auto-renew. You are welcome to cancel at any time with one month’s notice, but we assure you, you won’t want to! All renewals will be run on the 1st of every month. All subscriptions are set for AUTO RENEWAL for your convenience. Please email info@charleysboxes.com to cancel your subscription at any time.


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