Shape Sorting Elastic Band sensory Block


Enjoy hours of fun with this New Montessori Toy!

As Baby tries to push the shapes through the elastic bands of the sensory bin, and tries to retrieve the items out again.

As plug-in toy for exploring and trying out, help the baby develop the cognitive shape of fine hand movements, conduct tactile exploration and hands on practice.

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  • [Shape Sorting and Hand Training]: This toy comes with 6 different shaped blocks. As babies thread the blocks through the elasticated string, curiosity will inspire them to actively explore, experiment and discover more fun. A great educational toy.
  • [Color Enlightenment]: Making the 6 blocks and the elastic cord into different colors will deepen your child’s impression of colors. An interesting color-game is ready for you.
  • [Multiple Ways to Play with One Toy]: Babies can stack the blocks to make a cute rainbow caterpillar, stuff them all into a box with the elastic string, pair them up in pairs for a matching game, shake the blocks to enjoy a rattling sound, and other ways that babies can explore to their heart’s content.
  • [Rounded Surfaces]: The edges of both the blocks and the box of the stacking toys smooth is to ensure that baby doesn’t get hurt while playing with the toy.


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