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Spill-Proof Cup Cover – Elephant

Cute Silicone Anti-dust Glass Cup Cover Suction Seal Lid Cap Elephant Spill-Proof Cup Cover for Baby and toddler. Soft, non-toxic, heat-resistant, easy clean, spill proof


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  • SPILL PROOF: The Silicone Sippy cup lids instantly make any bottle, glass or cup spill proof. These lids are also 100% leak proof as the spout only lets liquids out when it is being sucked on. Never worry about your child spilling their drink at home or on family outings again!
  • SAFE FOR BABIES: Stop letting your child drink out of toxic plastic bottles and sippy cups. Our lids are made from high quality 100% BPA free food grade silicone. They are safe to use for toddlers and babies 9 months and up. These lids are also bite proof and perfect for transiting babies from bottles to cups.
  • FITS ANY CUP: Our Silicone Sippy cup lids stretch easily over most cups, glasses, or bottles. You can even use these lids with straws by simply sliding one into the drinking spout.
  • PORTABLE: Our sippy cup tops are lightweight and portable. They stack up and take up very little space in your bag. You will no longer need to carry heavy bulky bottles when you take your child to restaurants.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These sippy cup covers have no small crevices where mould can grow making them safe to use and easy to clean. They are both dishwasher and boil safe.


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