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Zazu – Pam the Penguin Sleep Trainer

A Nightlight ✓

A Sleep Trainer ✓

A Wireless Speaker ✓

Fall asleep with a soft glowing nightlight and listen to your favourite songs or stories via the wireless speaker. In the morning tell by the colour of the light when it is OK to get up. Operated by a rechargeable battery and charged by a USB cable.

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A night light ✓

A sleep trainer ✓

A wireless speaker ✓

Sleep training. The colour of the light tells your child when it’s OK to get up. Pam will light up orange when it’s only half an hour longer and green when it is OK to get up.

Wireless speaker. Play unlimited music and stories via the wireless speaker.

Choose your own colour nightlight. You can choose: multi-colour, pink, white, blue or red.

Continuous light or auto shut-off. Set the 30-minute timer to automatically switch off after your child has dropped off to sleep.

ZAZU playlists. Feel free to use our carefully selected playlists.

How to use


Play unlimited songs & stories via the wireless speaker

Just a little longer

Half an hour before you can get up, Pam will light up orange. Showing your child it is not much longer.

OK to get up

At a specific time, set by yourself, Pam’s colour changes to green – it’s OK to get up now!

Technical Info

• Operated by a rechargeable battery & charged by USB cable (included)

• Measurements: 17 x 11 x 11 cm

• Pam is tested according to international regulations

• Age recommendation: As of 0+ months.


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