Charley’s Subscription Box 3 – 6 months

Your baby is starting to lift its head and develop the senses of sight, hearing and smell. Your baby will recognize your voice, differentiate sounds and difference in colours, smiling and following moving objects. In this box we provide essentials for continued stimulation of colours and objects through books, gripping toys and musical instruments. Your baby may be moving onto solid foods during this period and we have perfect supportive transitional products for this time.

Our system is super smart and moves your child through the age categories as he or she ages. You will not be stuck in one age category for the entire subscription.

*A typical Charley’s Box contains 4-5 products as per the example image. These are some products you may expect through the period of the age category of your subscription. Our stock changes all the time and we ensure each month to give you a variety of items.

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R399.00 / month


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