Charley’s Book Club: 4 – 7 years

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Reading allows us to be transported from our own world to another. Between the pages of a book, we can become immersed in the lives of fictional characters and learn about a culture entirely different from our own. We can also learn new words and phrases, experience a range of emotions, and acquire skills and knowledge.

Because of the learning potential, the effects of reading on child development are vast and multiple studies have highlighted its benefits. As such, teachers and parents are in a great position to ensure reading is a key part of children’s daily routine.

Each parcel arrives with two books that have have been carefully chosen by childhood Experts to ensure they are receiving appropriate content. The books are split into two categories; reading and special. The first book is chosen to allow parents to engage and read a story to your baby. the second is more educational or activity based.

Our system is super smart and moves your child through the age categories as he or she ages. You will not be stuck in one age category for the entire subscription.

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