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Postpartum Box

Postpartum Box

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    Introducing our Postpartum Box for mommies! The perfect companion for new moms amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood. This box includes support for that postpartum belly.

    Each box includes:

    • Baby Blues Essential Oil Roller
    • Carriwell Maternity Pads
    • Julie Kay BellyBye Belt
    • Hospital Panties
    • Washable Breast Pads with carry bag

    Some more information around the products:

    Baby Blues Essential Oil Roller

    An essential oil blend that has been thoughtfully formulated and crafted using natural and organic ingredients to help regulate and support your hormones post-birth and help to calm those baby blues.

    Carriwell Maternity Pads

    Packet of 12 extra large and ultra absorbent maternity pads.

    Julie Kay BellyBye Belt

    BellyBye is a post birth belly binder that speeds up recovery and returns your body to normal after baby! Women still have large bellies directly after giving birth – this can be hard to accept! Your belly will still protrude due to the stretch that baby has put on your organs, skin and muscles. Swelling, inflammation and remaining fluid also add to your belly size.

    The BellyBye also provides back, abdominal and pelvic support therefore assisting in improving your posture and reducing back and pelvic pain. It can be used directly after natural birth or C-section. The compression effect of the BellyBye also reduces swelling and inflammation and allows for improved blood flow and healing.

    Hospital Panties

    Comes in a pack of 2, designed to hold postpartum sanitary pads in place. They are breathable, comfortable, C-section friendly and disposable. The elastic fabric allows the panties to keep their shape.

    Washable Breast Pads

    Comes in a pack of 8 incl a PUL waterproof carry bag, The extra-soft and absorbent pads feature a natural cotton inner layer to keep you comfortable and are gentle on your skin. Moisture is kept away from your skin and is trapped behind a leakproof layer.

    Wear your washable breast pads discreetly inside your feeding bra or vest of choice and leaking breastmilk will be easily contained. The anti-slip outer layer ensures the Washable Breast Pads are kept in place.