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Shzen Spa Additive

Shzen Spa Additive

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    This foot soak contains revitalising essential oils that clean, soothe and refresh feet, as well as oxygen-releasing agents that soften skin and improve circulation. 

    Use it on its own to unwind after a busy day or as the first step in a pampering pedicure. After a 10-minute soak your feet – and you – will feel like new.

    Witch Hazel
    An excellent astringent effectively clearing congestion, excess oil and dirt

    Tea Tree
    A powerful oil with antibacterial and antifungul properties, aiding in the cleansing and protection of feet.

    A potent antiseptic that assists in wound cleansing and clearing oily, congested skin

    Other benefits and uses of this amazing product:

    💦 Nappy rash and thrush – clears up quickly with a teaspoon of SPA ADDITIVE in the bath water. Best for any sensitised, itchy skin conditions

    💦 Prevents female bladder infections

    💦 Running a fever? SPA ADDITIVE sponge bath to the rescue

    💦 Sparkle up your jewellery by leaving in SPA ADDITIVE water for a few minutes

    💦 Fluff up your towels by using SPA ADDITIVE as a fabric softener. Also keeps your washing machine pipes clean. Disinfects clothing

     💦 Athletes foot and toenail fungus disappear with regular soaking in SPA ADDITIVE            water

    💦 Clean and disinfect cuts and scrapes with SPA ADDITIVE in warm water